Happiness definition, project… Stopping myself.  Thinking of people in my life, and how all the characters now are happiness generators.  Family, the kids obviously, the Nurse… getting rid of a putrid human recently whom I mistook for a friend, but that’s a benefit.  Lesson, you’ll never do that again I say to myself.

Another old pic of my daughter that just has my heart melting.  She and her powers… I can’t.  No definition or understanding I can relay in words.  Notes to myself.. “Sweet, smile… laugh, learn…” My daughter, STILL, teaching me about me and imaginative ways, just pretending and making yourself believe something’s real. That’s how you get there.. that’s how you attain HAPPY.  That is the answer to all of this.

09:23 = Relaxed, meditation.  Running later, before it gets hot.  Or maybe I should go when it’s a little warm.  OR, maybe speed work at the gym.  That could be fun.  No idea how I want to approach running today.  I have to run, one way or another.  All I know.  Maybe check in with the gym, make sure the fob still works, and run from there.