10:00, in the office.  Starting.

Emails first, revision of quote…. Drawing a new attitude and mood for Self.  One impenetrable and impervious, something of a wall but a loving blockade, something like that or not I don’t know.  Sipping latte slow, missing the Nurse.  She again teaching me about self and my world, the world we’re building together…. Grateful.

She deserves the best draft of this new Mike Madigan.  That’s what’s I guess you could say motivating me but assisting me with new character composition… inner-narrative and drawing, more sketching than anything really.  So… back to work.  I guess.

Quote ready to present.  Just going over modified pricing, so nothing too serious.  Easy drive into the city.  That’s where my mind is, that complexion and consistency of ease. So… further into the day.  Walking around SF at lunch and taking pictures… promising self.

Photog project, getting more serious and noted in journal and on blog.  Nurse the other day complimenting one of my shots somewhere, triggering me and encouraging and antagonizing.  Writing has to take a back seat, I thought.  Or, react to the photographs, from being a photographer.. yes.  Of course.

11:17 ordered microfiber towels for camera lens.  Still holding off on getting another cam…. I do want to have another, but may have to wait a bit.