Much later.  Home.  Trying to settle in, clear off desk, have a new system with these goddamn receipts.  That Cab from the other night, coffee cup.  Trying to be productive, but tired.  The day exhausted me on a multitude of tones, tunes.  Staying away from the loft, any tempt to be lazy or complacent.

Tried calling kids, no answer.  Shocker…

Nurse off early, happy for her.  She I swear works harder than anyone I know.

Music, Eric Hilton.  Something relaxing, calming.  Desk does look better.  Thinking maybe I should be lazy, just relax tonight after the day I had.  Looking at the pic I took at one of the Piers, needing a walk and some air after….

New story nearer, wine again talking to me telling me to stop thinning so much, move more, draw and be erratic, a true Beat.  Former student tonight sending me a text, she running into a display at a local bookstore with Bell Jar displayed, presented with some message.

Nurse sends me a pic of our bed and how I made it this morning.  I swear all my writing could be about her and how she’s changed fucking everything – how I think, move, read, write, see scenes, drive, smile and laugh.. all if it.  LIFE—