Day of ME.  Walking to Noto for a latte then coming back to write.  Yesterday was nice and needed.  Tuna sandwich at Oakville grocery, SB at Duke’s and running into an old friend… the drive back, watching baseball here at the loft, leftovers from Lupe’s the night before with Jack and Henry (Emma declining the Lupe’s offering and requesting one of my PB&J’s, think I wrote that but again here noted).

Not thinking about the week ahead.  Refusing.  Except for the4 Nurse coming back into town Wednesday.  More than likely getting her and her girls from the airport.  We’ll see.

Beautiful outside, can’t wait to walk around.  Is there a Sunday market, or was the last one the other week?  Shit, Fall has partially landed.  My favorite season yers, but, damn… time just isn’t slowing or stopping, showing any mercy.