Anxiety and stress this morning.  Wish I were in fucking Cancun with the Nurse, doing yoga on the beach.  Not at all jealous of her, well maybe a little.  More envious and impressed with her work and career, what she’s made of her life.  She once told me that when people told her she couldn’t be a Nurse that was all she needed… so she did it.  Even at one point working in Redding and getting an apartment here to make the reality real.

She decided.  And you know what, this morning I’m fucking deciding I’m DONE.  With nonsense and stress…. I’m going on vacation soon, a trip either with her or by myself.

Sent a blizzard of emails to Sean.  09:10…

Tooth still fucking hurts.  Called the tooth doctor guy for appointment.  Did intake and they’ll call me back… not at all fucking excited.  Don’t want to think about it so I won’t.

Looking at calendar, no appointments the rest of the day.  Wine I had last night, opened night before at the Nurse’s house – Orin Swift Pinot, “Slander”.

Haven’t had many impressive wines last.  Talked quite a bit of wine yesterday at lunch with that real estate agent.