Need more coffee, and really need to drill down on something singular.  What, and how… coffee will tell me.

Coffee on desk, 09:45.  Feeling a certain race against time.  Not in a negative or worrisome way, just what I feel this morning.  Some of it work-associated, then it’s just me getting older and feeling it.  Seeing my kids grow up and all that entails.

09:54, could have sworn it was later.  The passion I had in the classroom, discussions with the students.  Re-reading Alchemist, looking for something.  A message from the author, some insight, something to apply.  The Personal Legend…

And I feel like Santiago, in so many ways at this stage of my life.  Reading.. that will solve everything.  Not posting on Social Media, or even writing in this blog.  But, being a student.  Reacting, logging thoughts and emotions….

Returning to my Adjunct ways, in so many manners and threads.