09:26 up from a  much needed nap a few minutes ago.  Woke this morning at 03:15 or there about to help the Nurse get out the door and to her friends, where friend’s husband drives Nurse and two other Nurses to SFO for the Mexico trip.

Waking up that early, making me think of Dad and his airline days.  Walking out of her house at 03:40-something, 62 degrees.  The sky was loud with star visuals and the sky gentle feel.

Dropping off Nurse then heading home sipping the Mr. Pibb I took from her fridge…. She texts me.  Thought they’d be in the air by now.  Let’s see…

On the plan, taxiing to the runway.  A week of nothing, as she put it this morning.  What she’s looking forward to.  And my coworker, relocating to Australia in a couple months, maybe less.  What I need, without any question – TRAVEL. 

Short travel today, drive to Burlingame for a lunch with a Multifamily real estate gal.  Can’t remember exactly what she does, but it’s a drive.  Time to think, and a restaurant in my old neighborhood-ish.

Espresso calming and reviving me.  This day, magic.  Like all.