Henry playing the same song, over and over.  Jack changes it before I can ask.  Thank you, I say to myself.


11:14 already.  Jesus.  Nurse tells me the schedule is lightening up…. Maybe be headed out there earlier than estimated.  Though there was no real estimation.

Latte from Noto nearly done.  Maybe have lunch with my old wine industry buddy Jesse later.  Nothing confirmed.  Have to get everything out of this day that I can.  Time just moving… pack suitcase, move money, get cash…

A couple more things to do in this writing den.  The condo now serving as a meditation temple for me, especially when quiet and alone as now.  Trying not to think about tomorrow….. a couple calls, good ones, but will get into that later.  Notes for a call, keep writing about work and where the story is going.  Changing parts of my character, thinking about when I started in the wine industry, not knowing the Road or even some destination concocted.