08:35 laundry craze, getting kids ready, packing for drive to VV, breakfast requests met.  Still have to give little Henry a bath.  Emma showered last night, Jack requesting one first thing this morning.  “Go ahead dude,” I said.

Back up for more laundry, not thinking about work.  I swear.  More coffee… if I didn’t have coffee I’d be fucked.  I will never quit.  Maybe cut back a little, maybe.  Said that before but have never really tried.  I have though cut back on Starbucks, but only to be replaced by Peet’s because of the Nurse.

Touch and go on the keys.  Coffee made, laundry still the show.  What else can I do.. walking in circles, combing the loft floor for tasks.  Like I’m OCD, and maybe I am. What can I do upstairs—  Waffles are ready.

Single dad tornado, all floors of this condo.  Nurse’s schedule fills up, won’t be heading out till later then.  All good, making it work for me.  

Labor Day, and here I am, laboring.  In love, lines and literature… the sun and clouds outside relaxing the character.