Sipping the latte and distracting myself as much as I’m able to this morning.

Warm down here, turn on AC later, after this meeting.

Trying to calm.  Not sure I’m posting much of this to blog, just writing freely.  Shit, maybe I’ll actually finish the book.  Huh, imagine that.  People talking and I’m trying to write.  Working, but not.  What I mean is, I’m not sure this is working, this act.

Everything, blogging it….  Haven’t checked the mail in fucking days.  Done, and most of it not mine.  Guess they didn’t check before pulling it form the bag and putting in box.  I’ll be mailman corrector later.  Too much to do now.  

Fucking FasTrak bill coming… fuck, why did I agree to commute.  This speaks to me, and what I need to do.

Relaxing, writing about the latte, the morning.  AC turned on, 68.  Should be running for the next 56 minuets or so, or so the little device on the wall says.  What are those things called, “nests”?  Whatever, I’m not going back up there and checking.

Dinner with Mom and Dad last night, Sea Thai Bistro in Mont’ Village. Conversation and strategy, new notes on some things…