All kids up.  Jack and Henry staying home.  Emma ready for school and insists on school breakfast, no Daddy waffles this morning.  A bit hurt, but okay.

Things revolving in my head.  A conversation, then another.  Espresso, my morning coach and teacher of things all.

Listing what need be done today – Opportunities in CRM, Look at calendar for next week,

Emma coming into the kitchen.  “What’s up babe, need something?” I said.

“I’m going to make my snack.” Her focus was steel, cold, intent.

I asked her what she wanted and she opened the pantry.  Pistachios. Emptied what was left in bag into the little baggie she pulled from the drawer by the coffee corner of counter.

“You need another snack baby, that’s not enough…” I offered.

She agreed, and went for the peanut butter granola.  She was still so focused, trying to close the baggie but enlisting me to do it, wasn’t working for her.

The moment itself lasted maybe 3 minutes, but it hit.  Landed.  Has me in a loving spiral of meditation and appreciation, new self-estimation.

07:36…. Finishing espresso, about to board for drive to Bennett Valley.