Didn’t write much yesterday, but cleared off my desk.  Finally.  No more post-it jungle

or leaning towers of papers I haven’t looked at in weeks.  All behind me.  Literally behind me, behind the chair, just moved the stack.

Quick meeting early this morning, I think Emma and Henry are still asleep but Jack my little early rising poet very much awake.

Communicating with the Nurse last night over text before bed.  I’m curious why my curiosity is so fervent and adhering to me.  Distracting me from things like I told her… what is it?  No idea.  Sending me a pic of herself and a coworker on the floor between patients I guess.

Don’t worry, I’m moving slow, and am guarded.  I’ve just never experienced this before, with anyone—

See?  Distracted even in the paragraphs.  Change subject.  COFFEE… This will more than likely not be my last.  Stoic thinking, not reacting…

One quick letter to one person, then another.  Sending over email later today.  

Oh shit… I just realized it’s Friday….

Do I text the Nurse or not?  Do I embrace this as a discipline exercise?  YES… think of the coffee, the Stoic… Uncle Stevie and his writings.

08:49 should log onto work laptop I guess.  Emma yesterday requesting I take a day off soon and hang with them.  She’s right, not sure I can though this early in the story.  Can’t get her little face out of my mind, looking me in the eye and saying what she did, just wanting to spend time with her dad.

Going upstairs to check on them. Sounds like Emma and Henry are still out.  Letting them sleep.  They seemed tired yesterday morning when I picked up at their Mom’s house.