Meeting in 10 minutes to review proposal, then hurrying to Santa Rosa for a meeting, then back for prospecting and a power nap.  Couldn’t sleep last night.  Thoughts of prop tech and the kids, blogging and money, the Nurse… all of it.  Literally everything bombarding me.

Converting quote to PDF…. Almost done…. there.  Ready.  Coffee at right, just took a glug and I’m more awake.  Maybe I don’t need a power nap.  Sure I’ll feel different after the SR meeting.  Who knows.


14:09 at desk after a quick power nap, little lunch made here.  Inputting notes from presentation…. Need to prospect more.  That’s my aim for tomorrow and what I’m going to build over the weekend.

Huge de-sizing and consolidation, making me a more focused and strong writer.  Much after the meeting this morning, how numbers and perspectives were conveyed and the almost assured results.

No spend today.  Had a little sleep or nap sluggishness and related cloud about me but it’s gone.  Leaving at 3 to get something for Henry, then picking him up, then back here to do the Music on the Green event with all the babies and my parents.