23:34 —> Time for bed.  In the old nook, glass of Zin… Dad and I talking business and next moves

for hours.  Grateful isn’t accurate, not sure what to say, how to describe, what to type or post.

Still working, have to renew license tomorrow, just remembered.  Hope I don’t have to take a fucking test.  Starting to feel tired, snappy, frustrated with self how I didn’t see certain actions and behaviors and….

Just enjoy the peace of the old nook, I tell myself.  Where much of this new story started, right here… Almost two fucking years.  Amazing, and fucking ridiculous.  I’ll get more into that in the book, but for now….


Relaxing.  Looking at pictures from today’s Kearny walk, my Ramen bowl and how I almost didn’t go.

Texted my son Jack ‘cause he loves ramen, said I wished he were there, and I did, would have been more enjoyable for sure calling out the rest of the day and going to the Exploratorium.

Different quiet here in Skyhawk, opposed to the poz loft.  Tomorrow night on a boat and lodging in SF… not sure if I’m excited or stressed.  Something of a delighted duress, press self for more well-ness… see more in the picture, page, story’s say…