In office, loft.  Feel like I haven’t been to my own house in a while.  Because I haven’t.  DMV appointment at 09:10 in Petaluma, in no way excited about that.  Good to get it out of the way I guess, but still, the DMV… bleh.

Using it though, this DMV appointment, the drive down, the crunched and harshly condensed… have to get a shirt or something for tonight’s event.  Then drive down to the city, be there by… I don’t know.  Need to message my co-worker, get his address.  Just don’t stop moving I tell myself.  Use the day— or better than use it, collaborate with it.  Have it teach you and you reach and form your own knowledge trot and lot.  Oh shit, 08:14, gotta jet—

DMV done, nothing at Macy’s I wanted so doing laundry, put a little outfit together.  Need to be much, much more on top of laundry.  Shopping this weekend, Sunday, have the whole day off.

Laptop keeps stalling, couldn’t get the power cord to go in a bit ago and was freaking out… buzzing around this morning and still like I’m truly mad.  Have to leave at about 13:15, less that two hours away.

Aim in tonight’s event is observation, conversation, connection.  I’m not one of those corny networkers, just a lover of people, and that’s what I’m driving to SF with.  My emphasis on community, and not working so hard.  Enjoying the event, the boat… “Dude,” I say to myself, “you’re going to be on a boat cruising around the Bay.  Seriously, RELAX.”