Not going on about it, just know that’s what I’m dealing with.  Other note, looking forward to this lunch with the IT buddy of David’s.  No objective, just a nice lunch with a friend of a friend.  And that’s my mode and beat in this new sales story.  No intention to sell, just build REAL relationships.  Not just for the sake of building them with aims either subtle or overt to convert.

To be honest, I don’t think I want a partner, or girlfriend.  I write about relationships, business and personal, but the latter I find more arduous and codified, difficult to put into words, translate, or really know what the fuck is going on.  Family is one thing, and not that it’s easy but I know where Mom, Dad, Katie, some aunts and uncles and cousins are coming from.  Others though, on the outside, more a to-do.  Like a chore or task or part-time job I go back and forth over – “Do I quit… do I stay on a couple more weeks…. You know what, fuck it I’m done.  Going to take that time back, for myself.  For ME.”

Feels good to write free.  Always does.  Better than any medicine or snake oil conning counselor.