So much in coffee, one cup and another.  Finding more love in the morning and what’s sipped. 

In my story, ME, my character and this new freedom that NO ONE can touch or disrupt.  Except myself, humorously enough with my occasional attitude and mood.

Wine and its industry, the Sundays, done.  Will spend them writing, creating and building my business, laundry and whatever around the loft.  Simplifying… the Sundays, like last, are becoming a waste.  Even with the little that is earned.

Not getting RE license, or at least any time soon.  Something like 150 or so hours before you can take the test?  Where am I going to find that kind of time?

A little tired, but pushing through it with coffee’s assistance.  Writing through it, ignoring it, the essential circuitry and functioning.  Just trying through it.

Moving 10:390 meeting with SE Stan to Monday, 9am.  That frees a little time.  Still unsure what direction to take this real estate/tech climate and possibility… something with a blog, journal, logging developments, projects.. start there.

For me, on the sales end, conversations.  Start as many as you can… Need the journal.  Backpack…