Laundry going, still need to empty the dishwasher.  Jack and Emma here later, so I need a plan.  Of some kind.

First contract, thought I’d be more excited.  Back and forth with plans and what I want to do… the thought of taking RE classes and studying for a test, taking the test, not interesting me this morning.

Not moved, not disrupted, not distracted by any messages or communications.  Not loving my writing at the moment, nor any recent entries.  The story needs elevation, some charge or electrification, intensification, election.  Something.

Trying to fit everything into the day… at the beginning, the feeling of overwhelm overtakes.  But then I stop, ask myself “What’s the worst that’ll happen if this doesn’t get checked off, or this, or…?”

Nothing.  Exactly.  So, I ease myself into easiness with this act and the other.

Clothes in dryer.  Pinned down appt with that IT friend fo David’s… there.  More settled.  Going to make this new sales story, the tech and real estate thing be IT.  The IT to it all…

Coffee, may need another.  Who am I kidding, I will.  I absolutely will.  Fast till noon.  Can’t run because of lunch appt… so, weights.  30 quick reps with littles by desk.

Self-talk, and no not just the hashtag.  More than helpful.  Understanding the character and what it wants…