Just days from May.  Easy morning with the big kids.  Out the door pretty much right at 7:30.  Treated self to the first latte in days.

The only aim today revolves around the sales story and turning it into what I need.  At least ten new conversations before noon.  At least.  Then, keep going.  No run today, but a walk, up the street and into those little neighborhood by the park, close to the golf course I think.

My character… deconstructing and not so much analyzing it but reading it, the same way one would this blog, or the book.

Happiness, in the practice of whim.  This morning, what I’m saying over and over.

Listening to one of my authors, writing alongside her, Ms. Lawson.  Not getting distracted but yes completely distracted, considering every humorously.  The sales story, prospecting, all these new conversations I’m to start.

Allergies this morning.  Took one of the chewable Claritin, I guess it’s working.  I don’t know.  Annoying, this year.  Like the sneezing fits and congestion—  Hate writing about it so I stop, foley seeing the story.

Okay, call one.. coming up.