Stoic thoughts.  No emotion, limited reaction.  Listening to people ask questions toward this girl in accounting or payroll.  Thinking of what to write and where to take my thoughts, the direction of the day.  

I’m thinking, that’s the probable.  Remember, I say to myself, write what you’ve done not what you plan to do.  The run yesterday, for a start.  5 miles, wanting that 6.3 so bad but the heat and my lack of sufficient conditioning.  That’s the cause, the lesson, a starting point.

10:49, the earlier I go to the store the better.  Maybe go now.  No… wait a bit.  The kids, my big kids, Jack and Emma, here in a matter of hours.  Can’t wait to hear their school stories and take them tomorrow morning to their own campuses.

Time just passing me.. and I worry?  About what?  LIVE goddamnit.  Scolding self in certain decisions but I remind myself they’re lessons.  Even I make repeated mistakes, it’s a refresher course.  Yes, maybe a harsh and sitting one, but that’s my interpretation.