Month almost over, my birthday approaching.  Time, just can’t understand it honestly.  No sense trying to make any sense of it.  Kids later, still haven’t cleaned the loft.  Feeling scattered today.  Fight it by keeping busy, writing and working.  Not sure I’ll get a run logged today, tired from Rombauer event, night out in Napa last night.

Rest of cup from deanship.  Not bad, their coffee.  Remember that from last time.

Nothing to note at the moment.  In a meeting for work, cam off and muted, and not sure I really need to be here but am to make myself feel like I did something.  Just being honest.

Don’t feel like writing.  So why am I.  In a mood as you can probably tell.  Probably not posting this to the blog.  No, definitely not.

Checked mail, nothing.  Have to find something to write.. create a new story, or instance of sorts.  More coffee—  Actually no, espresso.  To the loft….

Groceries, need to get. Run, looking more likely where as earlier I thought I was too tired.  Not now… charging watch, and seeing a run as more likely.  5 miles, I don’t know.  Just get out there.