Prospecting, but slowly.  More so playing around and looking for different contact types.  Almost 2, and I haven’t felt so zen all week.  Lunch from Oliver’s, more real estate thoughts.  Mostly centered around Multifamily properties.  That beach house idea or fantasy I had a couple years ago.  No idea where I’m going with the real estate thing.  Hold onto that, the beauty and value and assurance of not knowing.

People, arriving then departing from your stage.  The way it goes I hear everyone say but I can only see more going on.  What about me, the person receiving, and how I’m affected, how WE are affected by the arrivals and departures?

Now I find myself prospecting my own thinking composition for more notes and manuscripts, decisions deciding me out of any indecisiveness.  A couple people at work, fascinating me.  Won’t get too molecular or specific here, but their decisions and habits, one a staunch minimalist and the other changing his entire world with thought and extended fasting.

Not pressuring myself, with anything.  Enjoying my remaining minutes before getting my babies.  Taking them to dinner tonight.  Well, ordering in…  Not sure where.  Maybe let them vote, or Jack and Emma.  The last two times, maybe even three, they’ve agreed.  Let’s see what happens tonight.  My guess, given their recent skirmishes, they’ll have a preference. chasm

Learning to not fixate on numerics, quantities.  Always takes from the interaction, the relationship with either the person or the moment, the instance, the immediacy as I often emphasize.  Time with the kids, not looking at my goddamn phone’s clock.  Just them and how they play, what they say, what they ask of me.

Can’t wait for tonight, my last with them for about 5 days.  STOP, tears.  Only love, QUALITY.  Math isn’t welcome here, EVER.