Leaving for St. Helena in about ten.  More and more I think I’m going to quit these tasting room gigs.  For good.  I could have the whole day to myself, writing, and finally getting out there to the vineyards or coast or wherever and take pictures.

Anyway, here I am.  Might stop with this coffee in a couple sips and get a latte from Noto.  Been a while since I have and with my obsession, new obsession with small businesses… why not.

Yesterday was gentle, kind, educating in a number of ways.  Just what I needed it to be, thankfully.  I’m writing today the same way, even if it gets busy in the TR, I don’t care I’m going to enjoy MY day.  We should all gift ourselves these sorts of statement.  And they are declarations, no measly cliché affirmations.

Looking out the window, frost on each roof.  The drive will be gorgeous, can’t wait.  But already sad ‘cause I know how quick it’ll pass.