One of those days that checked so many boxes, I don’t even know where to start.  Chris my wine buddy just left, delivering two bottles from a local producer that needs a blogger.  And there was another referral he had for me, a week or more ago that I never contacted but just did.

Our conversation at the 228 bar/kitchen island counter, telling me I need move quicker, diversify and further animate.  Then something someone said in the city today having me more elevated.

Now, in 228 nook sipping some Mercury Head that I opened for Chris and I – not every Tuesday night I open $160+ wine, but it was a gift from Lexie and Chris and I were talking and going over business visions and possibilities and immediate opportunities, so….

All moves on this tech board and carrier sphere, for the babies.  So they one day if unhappy at their job can just walk out.  Daddy has something.  Again, just so I’m there for them.  An option. So they’re not constricted or office-ly afflicted.

9pm now, thinking of clocking out.  So much I want to say about today.  Vowing tomorrow a literary lunch at the sbux on California.  Today edited the new Mike Madigan, now there’s a newer one.  So…. More editing.