5 miles, over 600 calories killed.  Done with dinner, 6:49.  Another fast starts.  Laundry going, first time at Anytime Windsor, watching the Bulls game versus… who?  Hawks, Atlanta.

Still working in poz loft nook.  My new office and downstairs will be my secondary and strictly literary cove.  Today has been kind, both in ideas and inspiration, but realization and understanding.

Glass of Orin Swift Grenache…. Thinking about EVERYTHING, and the EVERYTHING meaning the kids.  How I want to provide for them.  There can be no delays or obstructions.

In bed by 9:45, a bit after I had the babies – except for Henry who passed out before 9 and I simply took him upstairs and laid him down on my bed, poor tired chap.  Feeling love, and missing them.

I have to change the subject, before my tear disable me from typing, seeing the screen.  6:59, laundry still going.  Working out here tomorrow, weights in room, the a run in the city on Wednesday.

My run this evening, or afternoon, or evening, different.  Calm, not rushed, no self-pressure… a script, design, new architecture.  ZEN.

Gratitude, a rain, calming brush.  New find, drive, no set time.