11:52 already.  Day is not just flying by me, but dancing by me.  

Like some cocky victory trot.  Not sure what I’m doing for my …. Never mind.  Power nap I think, though I don’t think I need one nor will fall into any kind of sleep.  Looking forward to the gym later.  My first visit since moving to Windsor, sad.  Even still, celebrating my first visit.

Not a thing to write or report… something my friend said on the phone a minute ago has me put in meditation and calculation, putting my head down and just doing something.

New Plan, all its perfections are true just that, forming a form and version of perfection that I have never known.  It can only work.  Much of it rooted in attitude and my thoughts, more clean nature around perception.  Excited about it as I my workout at EOD…

15.5 hours into fast.  Exploration and emphasis, noting health and mental health.  How poisonous and self-defeating anxiety and depression are… how depression lies, like Lawson said.  I’m in this chair reshaping, confident.  The Perfect Pan that came to me this morning and now still sings…. Grateful.

Kids yesterday showing an unusual amount of affection and gratitude, wanting to help out around the house, big kids helping more with their little brother Henry Lucas.  How did I get so lucky with beautiful and intuitive, curious and active, tenacious, and I could go on, children like them?  I don’t know, but, again, GRATEFUL.

Nearly a quarter after 2, and I find enormous peace in the day.  About to make a call, but collect first.  Not nervous, just thinking of points to hit.  This idea of a lab, of a drawing board.. playing a game.  Perfect.  The plan is truly sans flaw.

Call made.  Going to check mail, get outside for a bit…. My obsession with my 5:30 workout has me a bit distracted.  Know what I’m doing, and that this workout will spark a new consistency.