Meeting with my SE and a senior rep at 9:30.  9:15 now, finally back from taking kids to school.  The house when it’s quiet feels wrong, not how it should be.  Trying to get over it.  Working out at EOD, heading to Anytime.  Full-body, starting with hour of running, then hour of strength or as much as I can.

Thankfully made Henry’s and Jack’s sandwich last night, otherwise this morning would have been REALLY dizzied.

Working in the nook, as promised…. Giving the sales story all of my character and focus today with this new approach.  Not detailing it here, but there absolutely no way I can lose.  NONE.  I’ll be going to bed early tonight as I did last night with the kids.  Hoping to leave here tomorrow before 6, be in office early then Uber to a property for an introduction and donut delivery.

Trying to be more in the habit of being 24 hours or more ahead of myself and the calendar.  Ahead of everything and everything on calendar simplified, linear, entirely approachable.

Heater on, quiet in the loft, more than quiet.  Which bothered me when I first got back this morning but now soothes, encourages.  Only adding to this mood from this new plan which I remedially call The Perfect Plan.

Chances of any loss, NONE.

Hopping into meeting over Teams…. Going into it with comedy and specific questions.  Tired of relaying on an SE for shit, or anyone for that matter.