Haven’t landed on the keys this late in weeks.  Actually that’s not true,

but what it feels like.  Drove to SF and back, great meeting when there, then back here for another meeting over Teams, power nap, to Oliver’s and back.  Loft stocked for the babies.  Again, Emma more affectionate than usual this morning.  “Daddy, will you please comb my hair?” Not that I ever forget, but her urgency I definitely noticed.  Focusing on them and only them… getting Henry tonight and I am outside myself joyous and waiting for his little sprints across the loft floor, playing with his cars…

2:43, get a text but essentially ignore it.  BOOKS, right here… this dad life, single dad life, my weekends with all three and other time teaching me more about what I already know I want and need in my story.  Simplicity and singularization…. 

Think the day might be essentially done, as my new direct-report up in Seattle is out-of-office all of a sudden, so then nothing pressing.  He forwarded some leads, but I’ll get to them Monday first thing.