Old shot, Jackie and Emmie in bath.  When we were all together.  Emma takes Jackie on the scavenger hunt, goes upstairs.  He asks her questions and you can tell Emma enjoys the control, or ownership of the project, this act and search.  So much older than the shot I took, what, six years ago.

“Oh, this is so cute..” I hear Jack say upstairs.  “Thank you Emma!”

“Happy birthday!” Emma says.

Jack rushes down to show what Emma did for him, made him a card, the $11.. they hug, my dad pride and gratified nearly make me have breathing trouble.

I reconnect to the keyboard here on the loft floor with them, no interest in writing.  Still hungry but not going to nosh on a thing.  Watching them, learning… the simplicity and playful approach and engagement to their acts, anything they do.  Why does aging have to strip that from us…?

Shifts, inevitable.  People change, consequently does the relationship.  And that’s how it unfolds, nothing else to note.

I have me, definitely and decidedly, universally.  Letting some voices go, even when I’d hoped they’d be around. They make their choice, and I move.

SF tomorrow, can’t forget donuts.