6:48 at home with Jack and Emma.  Emma especially affectionate toward me, holding my hand in the Safeway parking lot here in Windsor, walking in. 

And, what startled me a bit, she already gestured toward Jack’s birthday next month, the 15th, saying she’s planning a treasure hunt here at the loft for him, where at the end he gets $11.  Already having a map drawn for this condo and everything.

They’re upstairs settling in and relaxing, dinner’s at the ready, and bed early tonight I told them both.  Every time I touch my Money Architecture Project, I see them, their later life… college, their first car, everything my parents have done for me.  That’s the aim, that’s THE story.

Today has been educating in a barrage of loving ways…. Just off the phone with my buddy Keoni, one of my friends let go from the last company.  His attitude, gentle but you can there are nerves.  Still though, what’s most pronounced is his opened to what the Universe has for him.  He stressed putting out good energy, and that it has to come back.  Wish I were more like him and not cynical as I am sometimes