Now 10:19.  Where is the day going?  Call with Dad earlier nearly getting me to tear, but I kept my Composition.  Thought about coffee, but decided Diet Coke.  Want to cut back on coffee and espresso, maybe to 1 or two cups in morning and that’s it.

Modifying character and the total Composition… of everything.  Uncle Stevie writing me again last night.  Don’t have time to respond today, maybe return tomorrow or over the weekend one morning when the kids and I are in the loft.

BOOKS… that’s what this year is supposed to be about.  Finishing them, putting them ALL out there…. My nerves are everywhere this morning, up and down and wrapping themselves around me.  And for what?

No idea.  Perfect time to have a talk with myself, like Mom says.

My kids….  Jack and his questions, Emma and her make-believe play that she does.  Henry and all his cars and toys that he pushes from one side of the loft floor to the other.  They grow faster, faster, and I can’t do anything about it.

Another topic, idea… easy not so much.  Keep seeing their faces.