8:38.  Bit of a late start, but the espresso’s getting me caught up.

Feeling better about developments in the sales story…. See where it goes.

Need to do more prospecting today.  Like, a lot more.  And keep prospecting, don’t stop like someone at work said the other day.

And not prospecting in the traditional sense, but the Mike Madigan way.  This new me and attitude, estimation of what’s around me.

Slow approach to day.  No pressure on self, just a slow walk, like through Muir Woods, or Big Sur, or somewhere in Central Oregon.

No idea what to write or express, or even think.  Stop writing, I tell myself.  Always the first act of the day for me.  Maybe that should change.  Do some living, then writing.  Put off writing as much as possible.

There’s a new thought for me.  Can I do it though?  Ignore the laptop, my day’s page?  Maybe…. Let’s try it.