Relaxed, calm, talking to self and thinking about writing, fiction and non.  These times alone in this office, when I can collect and map everything in my head are like climbs up an otherworldly mountain somewhere in Nepal or the Alps, or Colorado or Central Oregon.

Sipping a Diet Coke, looking out the window again at that tree at the end of Conde.  How I got here…. What I’ve been through over the last year and a half, plus.  While having lunch, my usual tuna salad, I thought more about simplicity and health, living healthier, working out more and waking earlier…. A plate tectonic jump into another story.

So what’s the other story?  I still don’t know.  I do know that certain movements need be readjusted…. One meal a day, I know people that do this and they say it’s magic.  “What if you get hungry during the day or before or after your one meal?” I asked.  Small snacks, and health ones, they said.