To bed a little late, so slept in a bit.  Emma waking a little under and hour ago and just now having her breakfast, Kix and orange juice her usual.

Decided to make myself breakfast this morning, two eggs and two pieces of toasted sourdough forming the breakfast sandwich I make every now and then, with a little dijon on each bread slice.  Triple espresso with cinnamon when I got up and was just hanging out in my room with Henry and Jack, Emma of course still in dreams.

Easy.  Relaxed inside with light rain out.  Little wind.  Dad mode, engine going and expecting revs later.  Now just in the nook, thinking… watching Emma eat her breakfast and the boys play.  Henry arranging cars and toys one way, then another, walking over here to show me what he holds and what he’s about to push across the loft floor.

New letter from Uncle.  I don’t read it intimately but skim I guess yo’d say.  See gems in it, gems I need to read.  Monday, work, career paths, life lessons, money….  Again grateful for our new intersection of stories and experiences.

Taking my time, seeing EVERYTHING.