Again, didn’t closely read my uncle’s letter but saw enough to be moved one way and another, then another, and want to change things in my habits.  Specific points and pulses.  All for the kids, then a little for me.  Savin more strategically…. About to go downstairs to the office and move a small brick.

Emma asks for a piece of the cinnamon bread they love, Henry follows.  Me with caramel coffee and Emma finishes then goes to sit in Dad’s chair.  That is her spot, has been even when it was at Mom and Dad’s and now with their new seat there that is her spot when there.

I love these kids.  So much so that it’s crippling in some moments.  But it enlivens me to do everything and augment whatever I need…

10:51 going downstairs to do what I need in a minute.  Now actually.