Back from walk to Noto… saw a hawk in that tree, wanted to take a picture and got closer but he wasn’t having it.

Sat in the café for a bit, enjoying this last day…. quiet.  In Nook now at the loft.  No music, just rain.  Haven’t walked in the rain like that in years.

Leisurely, just me, visual poetry, nowhere to be.

Walked into downstairs office, stopped and smiled…. I’M HERE.

Latte is small, nearly done.  No whip cream just as is with a little cinnamon.  Part of this year’s command is difference, new habit.  Starting with small efforts, like no whip and keeping the foam.  And really it’s not that bad, I actually sort of prefer it this way.

No anxiety… I cut it.  Then buried it… doing something nice for myself today, before heading over to Kerri and Lexi’s for their little ball.

Tempted to go shoot some vineyards, but where.  Need a nap first, and move laundry from washer to dryer.  Shit.

Done…. Still a little caffeine-thrown by the latte.  When it dissipates I’ll take a quick nap, then head out for errands, take pictures.  Thinking Dry Creek….