Here I am.  Kerri left after our walk to Noto, and sleeping in later than we ever have

I think.  Her brother Chris coming over later to watch the 9ers game.  Laundry again, shower, and no overthought.  Writing everything.  Simplification in this new year like I never have.

Second year I’ve started as this New Mike Madigan, and this time even newer.  Sun out, no rain.  Rain stopping last night shortly after going to bed.

Last night passing so quick, the little soiree and the fondue put out, raw meat at first repelling me but then remembering how fondue works.  Felt like a fool, or the new kids at a school.  First day, everyone staring, unaware of custom. 

Window behind me open in the nook.  9:43. Have to start day, go to store get a few things, order pizza and coordinate pickup…. Haven’t had a football gathering here yet.  This’ll be the first.  9ers v Raiders so it should be interesting.

Felt nerves and stress over time and scheduling grip me, but then I dismiss it.  As I told Kerri I left all cares in yesterday’s where.  DONE.

Can hear 101 traffic, distant.  Today and tomorrow then…