7:48 AM.

Next two days off.  Everything I need get done, get done.  In Nook, thinking about the year… big points… leaving Sonic, moving into the loft, other turns.  2023, only one aim.  A bullseye, if you will.  No need to write it out, I embody it. Live and breathe and see it.

Couple more sips in espresso… have to do something in the office but it can wait till kids are gone.

Check on Emma…. Henry is so awake.  How.

Still raining.  Can’t remember the last time I saw this kind of consistency.  They said something about an atmospheric river, is that what this is?

7:59…. The year in its last fits.  Henry playing with cards on floor, Jack asks if he can play his game for a bit, assuring me not too much, I say sure.

Emma makes her way downstairs, 8:02… “Happy New Year, baby girl!” I say.

“Tomorrow’s Happy New Year, today is New Year’s Eve.”, she reminds me.

Need to change Henry, but he won’t let me.  Keeps indicating he’s watching his show, “No no no…” he orders.

Idea…. More calendaring.  

Bought Emmie a Pokemon game for her switch just now…