8am and in SF office. 

Not much traffic, and I didn’t expect any.  Nerves about this week and starting the new year, that I was feeling yesterday, gone.  For the most part.

Just going to focus on starting conversations, meeting people for coffee, and getting ME out there.  Pulling into One Maritime Plaza I thought about this new sales story, and how much I’ve overthought it already.  Stopping, just stopping.  I can’t afford to, honestly.  And it doesn’t help.

Starting raining pretty hard once I crossed Davis street, I think it is.  Speed-walked to the Walgreen’s bought an umbrella.  Think that’s the first umbrella I’ve bought in over ten years, pretty sure.  Just a random thought and observation I wanted to log.

Yesterday tasting at Pax, and then later Ehret.  Pax making more impression.  Maybe it’s being the Barlow, I don’t know… but it reconnected me with wine and music in a way I can’t explain and didn’t expect.  See where it goes…

Getting into Prop Tech mode and character….  Set three meetings, that’s the aim of the day.  Log all activity.  More than proof of production, but more to write about, more to study.

Journal out.  GO.