Espresso meditation, quiet in kitchen.

Calm beginning to day’s notes. My Room, sense, peace. On drive down, seeing the Road, from here to the tasting room. Metaphoric or not. Doesn’t matter.

Settling into office, thinking… lunch later in Oakland.  Have to do expenses.  Need to do them in real-time.  Should be doing everything in real-time, like Tasha at Sonic used to stress.

Sip latte, expenses.  Forgot charging chord. Shit…

Slept well last night, after dinner at Red Grape in Sonoma with Dad, Mom, Katie.  Dad’s birthday.  Grateful isn’t the word.  Love.  Not ‘in love, but love.  For EVERYTHING.

Journal at left.  Sales story.  I’m here, I’m HERE.  Doing it.

Stressing the identity present, the Now… what brought me here – Where and what I am, what I’m doing.  Postmodern promise and architecture, like the building around this one, all those to and from One Maritime Plaza.

9:36 done with meeting with SE.  Latte done.  Nearing time when I need to leave for Oakland lunch party, for holidays.  Shit… need to get a white elephant something.  Told Carina, girl in office, a cheap wine from 7/11.  Sound promising, and pretty much my only option this late in the gift game.

Plan ahead, do EVERYTHING ahead of.