Do two things right now….  

Take some of Henry’s toys upstairs to Emma’s room, their hangar.  I’m sure this reads like someone with OCD, I’m sure.  If so let me know… 

Always down to laugh at a psychology-caught bot’s diagnosis.

Did more than a couple things.  This morning me synaptically manic.  Consistent with the “About EVERYTHING” way and discernment.  Acknowledged, and trying to understand my own cognition this morning, and always.  

Prudent with this new sales story…. Vigilant, let others be agog, whether they agree or no.  Not important, the autonomy of my scribbles this morning is primely pronounced.  10:37 still with latte, chill music.  MY morning.

Everything giving me a new manuscript, the opportunity to put to page.  Everything goes and gifts me some new tell and vision.  Following it this morning…. This solo writer with a rental in  the garage.  Just remembered that.  Ugh, hate driving anything that’s not mine.  But here I am.

Acknowledge.  EVERYTHING.  From the toaster-oven to the kitchen towels hanging, this plant on the island counter Kerri brought over the other night when she and the girls made dinner.

Slower, deliberate… the poetry of the apparently plain. 

Over thousand for day.  Break…. Healed.  Never decline.