Henry making me take him upstairs to get a toy car

and one of those PJ Make figures from his sister’s room, where the toys are.  We come back down so he can play with the car pushing it forcefully so it dashes across most of the loft floor.  He loses it at one point and gestures for me to help him find it.  I flatten myself on the floor and use my phone’s light to help find.  See crumbs on the floor and get anxious… oh my god, I thought.  “Mike, let it go…”

8:56.  Excited for HBG drive and mission, may walk to Noto after this for a small latte.  Have to fit in a workout today, somehow… 30 min cardio, 30 strength.  Changing my workout and fitness reality, making it more present and necessitated (which is already so mandated and MEANT).

10 hours, 25 minuets into fast.  Pushing it to 14 hours, at minimum.  Cutting out milk—  Shit, that means no more lattes.  Oh well, and okay.  I mean, I used to have mochas and haven’t had one in years because of how sweet they were.