Settling in.  Didn’t get Starbucks or Noto.  

Yesterday dropping off my car at the collision repair place on Corby, Freeman, the front desk lady just arrived to work carrying her purse, water bottle and lunch in a container.  Struck me, realizing how much more I should be doing that and going out less.

So I wanted start the day with one small wine, which I did, forcing self to make coffee in the coffee corner up in the loft kitchen.

Call at 9 with a new lead.  Then another later.  Keeping busy, this new sales story coating me with a coat and code of confidence that I have’t had before.  Interesting, but moving slow to assure self and somehow acquire confirmation this is what I think it is.

Morning with kids, easy for the most part.  Emma and Jack waking and dressing on their own, Had to wake Henry and he fell asleep on the way to his school from Jack’s, poor bloke.  He was okay a drop off, just felt bad for him.  Eager to have them all back here, cozy in the loft.

Starting my prospect list… plenty to not only keep me busy but teach me more about this new industry…