Closer and closer to thanksgiving …. 7:22, taking car in for repairs in a bit. 

Then walk over to get rental.  Then back here for work.  Desk, a mess, me exhausted from week.

This commuter life has changed me and my everything.  Patience, more frail.  Need coffee, and less work.  Less work created for myself which I absolutely do to one facet or and an additional.

So then change it.  Like Mark has always said about the definition of insanity ….  Continue with your habits and disgruntled that your reality is not changing.  

This stops today.

There, now feeling better.

Quick latte at Noto then to Santa Rosa…


Been back from about 90 minutes.  Fixed a tech problem with my BDM laptop, entered receipts.  Quitting cash, my new strategy for finance.  Or, not so much new, actually not at all Dad mentioned this idea to me months ago and I think I write about it.

Much better mood.  Need a Diet Coke.

Coworker yesterday mentioning some silly startup idea he and some friends had, for sakes of said silliness.  Has me thinking….

Timeline, new journal notes.

Couple calls with a property manager, attitude revived.