Not sure if I have work tomorrow, Veteran’s Day.  Maybe I do, but I don’t think so given the company is based in DC basically and provides security for government entities and building I think.

Anyway, in office while the big kids relax and play upstairs.  Going over day’s spending and nothing except for gas.  Reminded xmas is closer than I thought.  Present buying, soon.  Well, really, I should have a lot of it done already.  Shit.

Quiet and easy when Henry’s not here, really noticing that tonight.  No slight against my littlest Beat, just sharing an observation.  I’m sure even his mother would agree.  Just makes me miss him more though, all his little smirks and antics.

Again realizing something.  My dad and I having a conversation about comma placement and how it tilts and turns “cadence”, and how I hate the word cadence.

My dad’s writing is direct, clean, and frankly calmly lethal in a way no other author is.

Vowing to write more like him, Dan, my father.  Shorter paragraphs and expressions, lines, sentences, fragments that are in not way fragments or fragmented.