Thursday November 10, 2022

Jury Duty.  Finally got around to doing all the receipts piled on desk.  First thing I did.  Don’t have to be at courthouse or that admin building in Santa Rosa till 12:30.  Dreading it like you wouldn’t believe.  Would rather be working but as I realized yesterday having lunch in that tucked away place in SF, there is only so much I can actually control, and even less that I should react to or stress over.  So…. Here I am.  Enjoying an unplanned morning to self with coffee and jazz.

Big kids here tonight.  Need to shop for them, somehow.  Not sure how that’ll happen.  They may have to do school lunch tomorrow, which makes me feel like a blobby whale of guilt.


Brewing upstairs in Keurig.  Going over finances and what I spend where.  Too much on coffee and dining out.  That stops, TO-DAY.  Seriously, no more.  That’s money being taken away from this blogging and the eventual little tasting room or metaphor therein, of.

8:59….  Bought two new journals in SF when I said I wouldn’t.  Wrote that on the BDM laptop and can’t remember if I posted, but those are the last two journals, possibly that I will EVER buy.  I plan to fill-fill them.  Have them heaping with any observation and thought, reaction and reflection and words of other and self.

Yesterday on the site walk to Van Ness, seeing all those poor humans, hurt and slow and sad.  The sounds and smells of pain and a life frightening.  Hard for me to even write and look back, but I can’t help it.  Told Kerri last night at dinner how sad it made me….  And then again, money I spend dining out is currency away from my kids or something I could be working on and putting in place for them.