More laundry on.  Nearing 9:30.  Three hours.  Interesting having me come in at 12:30.  In no mood to go down there, be around all those people, the crowd, that uncomfortable room.

FasTrak bill paid.  Now in a bit of a holding pattern.  Still annoyed with myself, all the monies to dining and coffee stops.  Lesson, that’s all I can remind self.  Move on, forget about it.

Unexpected, how this morning lands and connects with me.  The office in the city, the window in the conference room and the view it presents, speaking to me and it orders me to walk more around the city.  In my head that exact cognition when just over the bridge and taking the Presidio exit to Marina.  

The Financial District juxtaposed to the Van Ness site.  The dichotomy provided, more than just a gift from the universe or some useful realization.  This is music… this is a travel in my own head. Books and more journal pages, entries and blog posts.  Me in San Francisco, three times a week.  Soon on the Road all over the Bay for meetings and introductions. Can’t wait to be back in the Field.  New story…