Wednesday.  Perfect drive down, not much traffic and didn’t arrive as late as yesterday.


Bought two new journals at the Walgreens on Front Street I think.  Two fancier ones with leather on outside.  One for me, the other for Kastle. 

First real site visit today with one of the VP’s.  Just going to observe, learn, listen.  The more I listen to people in the office talk the more ready I feel to fly solo.  Talked to my SE yesterday, and one of the CRE BDM’s.

Rising above the technology and even the company.  Market SELF, my passions and why I’m here.  The SE can handle the technical talk and frame.

And, like Dad said last night on the phone for something else, THERE’S NO RUSH.  I struggle with this, I’ll be honest.  And I’ll be slow with this, learning the how-to, but that’s the point.  Right?

Driving into SF, all sun no rain.  Alcatraz, people running along Marina.  Makes me want to explore SF more. I still have NEVER walked or ran across the Golden Gate.  Can you believe that?

Bringing curiosity to this new sales story.  Humility and gratitude, much part of my 2023 plan.  Twelve points, writing them now for this new year.  Love, Learn, Observe… more later.