New day.  Working at home.  Going back and forth between four journals, possibly five.  Work journals and then mine own on this laptop for example and then the RECORD book.  Slept okay last night.  On couch, too lazy to go to third floor.  Mission for today is reaching out to property managers, builders, architects, setting up calls or coffee, lunch.

My aim with this new story is simple… do so well that I provide more layers and dimension in the story.  Taking my car in at 10:30… still can’t believe that happened.  But it did.

My thoughts are calm this morning and feeling more confident in this new Composition, speaking a new story, and the prompt J gave me yesterday.  Simple, no pressure, allowing me to practice the company’s language and simply go out and start conversations.

Coffee.  All out of espresso at the loft.  Working in the kitchen, at bar for a change.  Finished receipts almost, then to look for conversations.

Making a business from this… writing and blogging, seizing the prop tech and new company platform as an EVERYTHING to arrive.  Grateful this morning, in ways I’ve never been, even in this recent storm of grateful sentiment and realization.