Journal writings, one line reading how I’m teaching myself to write all over again.  

To not care, just put everything to page.  Dinner done, light dinner, rest of gyro and an Oliver’s mini-Caesar wit no chicken.  Now some Mourvedre and Thievery Corporation the more music after in office.  Bed early.  The whole point of the evening, and I’m not failing.  Also promised Kerri, Ms. Kerri, that I would find a restaurant in Marin for us to try.  Thinking of starting in Novato.

First week of new sales story almost done.  How… what am I learning, nearly too much.  On a new CRM and there’s another after this one, prospecting and product… but this is it.  My last conventional job.  How can I say that, ‘cause I know.  After this, who knows.  And I’m not thinking about that anymore.  Not letting myself.  More connect to current scene and whatever conversations I’m having.  I’ll plan to a degree, but the aim is rev generation, give my babies whatever they want, a couple things for me like the beach house and old VW, and that’s it.

Stresses are gone, flew away hours ago, scared of my calm and contained temperament and character composition, newly impassioned Personhood.